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Mr. Henry N. Portner is well-recognized name around the circles of the Bar in Florida. He is the Managing Partner of Attorney Advocates of America. He has his own law firm. He is also the Partner in Charge of the law firm Equine Legal Resources. After his early years as a general counsel, he now also has a private practice.


He did his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his major in Political Science with a Minor in Business/Accounting. After that, he pursued his law career and earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) and Masters of Law (L.L.M.) from Temple University School of Law in Taxation.


He has 25 years of experience in handling complex cases with respect to matters, which include Suing and Being Sued by Governmental Agencies, ERISA, litigation Antitrust Law, Environmental Law, and 5th Amendment Challenges etc.

Areas of Expertise

Plaintiff’s Personal Injury Insurance Defense Judgment Levy and Executions, and Foreclosures Handling are the main areas on which he holds a strong command. He has successfully handled cases bringing successful six and seven figure settlements in a large number of cases including, products liability, U.C.C. disputes and real estate and construction matters breach of warranty, breach of contract, commercial & personal injury.

Practice Area

Mr. Henry Portner is admitted to practice before six states court – Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia and Pennsylvania. Besides, he also represents clients in the United States Tax Court, The United States District Court, The United States Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

Henry N. Portner – The Teacher

Mr. Henry N. Portner takes a keen interest in being helpful to the budding lawyers through all his expertise. He has been a Guest Lecturer and Speaker across the country for a wide variety of industries and has taught as an adjunct professor in taxation at the university Master’s Level.

Henry N Portner – A Sensible Lawyer who fights for you

Henry N Portner, USPTO is one of the best lawyers among the Consumer Attorneys of America. He is a major in political science and studied Business and Accounting as minors. Earning his law degree from Temple University, he has been practicing law for over four decades now. It is hard to find such an experienced and a qualified person in this field. While expanding his work domains, he has earned the license to practice in six states. He provides good service and tries to play a role of an advisor rather than a transactional person while solving the legal cases.

Why work with Henry N Portner

Henry N. Portner, USPTO is a sensible and honest person to work with. Being practicing law for over a few decades now, he has the required skill and experience to win your court battles. His expertise isn’t limited to real estate sector only, but also in bankruptcy, loans, taxation, commercial litigation, debt settlements and lease as well. He leaves no stone unturned in resolving his client’s legal cases. Henry N Portner, reprimand a lot due to his winning attitude while fighting legal cases. This is what makes him worthy of being a lawyer at consumer attorneys of America.

Works of Henry N Portner

Henry N Portner, ethics are truly worthwhile to adopt in one’s life as well. Compassion, professionalism, and sincerity are few qualities that define him. With the experience and expertise that he brings in the cases, it becomes hard to outwit him in the court. Because of his work ethics, he has been able to build trust and credibility among his clients and has become the most sought after lawyer in the country. While working on your cases he is sure to provide the best professional and cost-effective solution. You are sure to win cases under his guidance and support. No wonder, Henry N Portner has immense respect in the law industry and is an inspiration for many.


Talks about the great Henry N. Portner, USPTO and his works

Henry N. Portner, USPTO is a renowned lawyer in Consumer Attorneys of America who has been shining very brightly in his field. He is like a saviour to those who are stuck in legal matters as he can solve any problem whatsoever. Henry N. Portner, ethics are the strong pillars, which have helped in forming up such an empire. However, when the empire extends, quite naturally rumours start spreading. Same is the case here as news about Henry N. Portner, misconduct suffice. In fact, his perpetrators who want to bring him down and hence this Henry N. Portner, reprimand.

But the man who worships truth cannot be wronged by mere speculations.

About his works

The work of Henry N. Portner, USPTO is extremely praiseworthy so much so that the courts regard him as an asset. He is one of the most experienced and efficient Consumer Attorneys of America who is not all brains but also has a heart. He is not only a good lawyer but also a great teacher who passes on his skills to his students, so that they can aid more people. Henry N. Portner, ethics are immensely strong and he never ditches his clients.

His expertise lies in:

  • Real estate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Lease and landlord disputes
  • Stock sales
  • Insurance Policy

He solves any and every kind of arguments or differences regarding the above mentioned matters.


Haters cannot really afford to bear the success of their enemies and try to endanger their reputation. Henry N. Portner, reprimand is their way of putting down and negating the good works of this man. And the talks regarding Henry N. Portner, misconduct are fake because his conduct is the reason for his continuous supply of clients. So, do not give into such news!

Watch out the robots have evolved

There is a fierce debate about the evolving AI (artificial intelligence). Couched behind the idea that AI is benign technology savants such as Eric Schmidt of Google have reiterated that digital assistants and autonomous mobility reinforce the helpful nature of AI. Such considerations are far from the truth if Professor Stephen Hawking’s apprehensions are taken into account. He has made categorical statements in the form of warnings that robots are evolving faster than the minds of Homo sapiens.

Although he did not utter these words you can read between the lines when he says it is difficult to predict how the robots function – is it possible they may be the Hannibal Lecters of tomorrow? (Hannibal Lecter is a metaphor for describing brilliance with macabre).

Possible AI attack by robots on Henry N Portner

This gruesome comparison is necessitated because of the way the internet is adopting ‘false news’ as the holy grail. On the one hand news feeds are directed at us in such a way that meets our approval. Anything else which is contrary is perceived as ‘hate’ or ‘not necessary’. Negativity on the internet is disturbing and damaging as Henry N Portner, USPTO found to his horror.

The successful; 60-year=old attorney from Florida found his image being attacked viciously through blog posts that screamed headlines such as Henry N Portner, misconduct. Fortunately the issues were cleared and Henry N Portner went back to doing what he knows best – dispense solid legal advice to those who need it. His integrity took a beating for a short period but he is none the worse for wear.

Is the Henry N Portner case part of the AI evolution or were some nefarious characters behind it? The question is moot as several other similar cases have hit the internet.

Underestimating the threat of misinformation

The title is a sophisticated method of alternatively stating it as ‘Underestimating the threat of lies”. Falsehood, misleading statements are nothing new. Ever since Homo sapiens began to think (the big differentiator with other species) truth and lies have been a part of civilization. Till the 21st Century lies were part of people to people or Government to Government. The beginning of this Century communication exploded through the medium of the Internet. Sir Tim Berners Lee wrote the first protocol for the World Wide Web in 1989 and within a decade it became the de facto methodology of exchanging information.

At first as information became easier some people realized that it could be used as a means of misinforming a large body of people with misinformation. For example people have targeted leading personalities in certain professions with false stories such as Henry N Portner, USPTO. He is one of the top legal luminaries operating out of Florida. He practices in Supreme Court, Appeal Court and District Courts. Such is his standing, that he is authorized to practice in six States.

He is a very experienced attorney and in the business for more than three decades. His hard won reputation took a beating when Henry N Portner misconduct and Henry N Portner, reprimand stories started making rounds on social media. Taken aback henry Portner tried to find the source of these stories. The Internet is an ocean and despite being skilled he was unable to pinpoint the source. However clients were aware of Henry N Portner’s ethics which were solid and non-negotiable. He was able to sustain such threats and continues to counsel clients as before.

Lesser mortals would have found the going tough. That is the reason why underestimating the threat of lies on the internet should not be taken lightly.

Facing adversity is a walk in the park for Florida attorney

The name of Henry N Portner, USPTO is a recognized authority for bankruptcy cases, accident hearings and a respected professor. He has been practicing law since 1991 having been granted a license by State of Florida. When you think of civil law suits, property related cases, M&A (mergers and acquisitions) you approach Mr. Henry N Portner. Such is his reputation and respect even from his peers. This 60-year-old gentleman exudes old school manners and a charm reminiscent of a bygone age.

Henry N Portner, USPTO has been practicing law for more than two decades and over this period has built an envious reputation. He has won his fair share of landmark cases with a few losses too. He is of the view that failure to win cases has strengthened his preparation and resolve. His position in the law community has been earned the hard way. The journey has toughened him in facing adversity. Due to an oversight Henry N Portner misconduct has been making the law forums on the internet.

In fact there was no misconduct; instead a reprimand was issued; The Supreme Court of Florida issued Henry N Portner reprimand notice for failing to supervise non-legal entities in a loan modification company that Henry represented. The Supreme Court knew that the oversight was not intentional. Nobody is above the law and Henry N Portner ethics also came under the stern eye of the judiciary.

The internet was abuzz with such false and misleading news because of some disgruntled colleagues who had become envious of Portner’s success. His immense experience in several facets of law gives him an unique insight which has proved helpful to numerous clients. He keeps updating his knowledge base that allows his clients in taking the right course. Taking informed decisions is half the battle won in obtaining justice.


Life and achievement of Henry N Portner, USPTO

Henry N Portner, USPTO is a renowned attorney who has earned his respectable position in the society by means of his extreme efficiency in his field. Though presently he is working in Florida, yet his credibility is not restricted to that place only. He has a law firm to his name and is associated to other firms and offices. In Attorney Advocates of America, he is Managing Partner and in Equine Legal Resources, a law firm, he is the Partner in Charge.

He began his life as a general counsel but by means of his talent and intelligence, he is presently a private practitioner.


From Temple University, Henry N Portner, USPTO took his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (Major) and Accounting/Business (Minor). After these, he chose law as a career and from Temple University School of Law in Taxation earned J.D. (Juris Doctor) and L.L.M (Masters of Law) degrees. These educational qualifications helped him a lot to gain all the knowledge he has but his continuous practice helped him hone his skills even better.

His Forte

Henry N Portner, USPTO has 25 years of experience beside his name and in this huge span of time, he has encountered variety of cases related to ERISA, Environmental Law, being sued by Governmental Agencies. But his credit lies in handling bankruptcy, foreclosure, real estate, U.C.C. disputes, products liability, contract breach, personal & commercial injury etc. cases.


He visits four courts of United States (Supreme Court, Tax, Appeals and District) and represents his clients. He also has license to six state courts- South Carolina, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

He has distributed his knowledge by helping and giving lectures to budding lawyers i.e. he teaches. Thus, Henry N Portner, USPTO is undoubtedly a cherished and noteworthy name.

Reasons why Henry N Portner is unbeatable in his profession

Henry N Portner, USPTO is a reputable lawyer who has been practicing law since 1974. He hails from Wellington in Florida, USA. He was a general counselor for more than 35 years, giving him immense knowledge and expertise in his field. His law firm is registered with the Bar Association, New Jersey. There are various factors, which led to the success of his business. Given below are the major reasons that make his law firm the best in the USA.

Experienced Attorney

He served as a general counselor for more than 35 years, lending him in-depth experience in law matters. His expertise can be seen on a matter related to taxation issues, litigation, and transactions. He offers the best guidance for syndication agreements, breeding agreements, critical stable contract, selling and buying of pedigree studs and seasons, and key-jockey contracts. He provides the most accurate and best counsel for your case. His vast experience helps him to provide supreme quality of counsel and representation.

Expert in Real Estate Laws

Mr. Portner has experience in many fields owing to his long service. He has knowledge of laws in various domains like Real Estate, Transactions and Litigations, General Counsel Corporation, Bankruptcy, and so on. His major practice areas include Extensive Contract Drafting for retailers, builders, manufacturers, contractors, developers, subcontractors, and physicians. He has successfully handled numerous cases including real estate, U.C.C disputes, and construction issues related to breach of warranty, commercial and personal injuries, products liability and breach of contract.

Social Responsibilities

Henry N Portner is a deserving USPTO attorney. His interests are not limited to just law practices. He participates in many charitable functions, ethical matters and events of local communities in South Florida and Wellington. He was a guest lecturer for various industries and an adjunct professor of taxation. He is a professional lawyer and a reliable person when it comes to solving legal issues.

Henry N Portner is a highly-qualified veteran. He deserves a USPTO for his credible skills and expertise to defend complex causes. His qualities and way of conduct of his law firm are the causes of his success. His law firm is undoubtedly the best law firm in the USA.