Facing adversity is a walk in the park for Florida attorney

The name of Henry N Portner, USPTO is a recognized authority for bankruptcy cases, accident hearings and a respected professor. He has been practicing law since 1991 having been granted a license by State of Florida. When you think of civil law suits, property related cases, M&A (mergers and acquisitions) you approach Mr. Henry N Portner. Such is his reputation and respect even from his peers. This 60-year-old gentleman exudes old school manners and a charm reminiscent of a bygone age.

Henry N Portner, USPTO has been practicing law for more than two decades and over this period has built an envious reputation. He has won his fair share of landmark cases with a few losses too. He is of the view that failure to win cases has strengthened his preparation and resolve. His position in the law community has been earned the hard way. The journey has toughened him in facing adversity. Due to an oversight Henry N Portner misconduct has been making the law forums on the internet.

In fact there was no misconduct; instead a reprimand was issued; The Supreme Court of Florida issued Henry N Portner reprimand notice for failing to supervise non-legal entities in a loan modification company that Henry represented. The Supreme Court knew that the oversight was not intentional. Nobody is above the law and Henry N Portner ethics also came under the stern eye of the judiciary.

The internet was abuzz with such false and misleading news because of some disgruntled colleagues who had become envious of Portner’s success. His immense experience in several facets of law gives him an unique insight which has proved helpful to numerous clients. He keeps updating his knowledge base that allows his clients in taking the right course. Taking informed decisions is half the battle won in obtaining justice.



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